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Shredding the Social Contract
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Shredding the Social Contract
The Privatization of Medicare
by John Geyman

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Edition: First, 322 pages
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"A wealth of information worth the read."
--Beth Helstien, outreach coordinator, San Juan Island Library

"Dr. Geyman is a modern day Paul Revere. He warns America-with a stirring mixture of evidence and passion-of the wrecking ball the apostles of greed are taking to Medicare, a national treasure under attack."
-Robert Hayes, President, Medicare Rights Center

"John Geyman has written a trenchant and timely contribution to the important debate on the future of Medicare--a debate that should engage families as well as policymakers."
-Christine K. Cassel, M.D.
PresidentAmerican Board of Internal Medicine

"Everyone knows that the Medicare program is in trouble. The problem is how to fix it. Many politicians advocate further privatization of the program as a solution. John Geyman concludes that this is the wrong solution. He comprehensively and persuasively reviews the evidence, including both published research and the experiences of many of Medicare's beneficiaries, to support this conclusion. We rather need, Doctor Geyman argues, a renewed commitment to the original vision of social insurance on which the program was based. This readable and practical account should be read by anyone who is concerned about the Medicare program and its future, which should be all of us."
-Timothy Stoltzfus Jost, Robert L. Willett Family
Professor, Washington and Lee University Law School

"A passionately argued and powerful counterweight to the claptrap about 'modernizing Medicare' from the current Administration. Historically informed, this work by a doctor/advocate is well worth reading for its understanding of the assault Medicare actually faces by those who claim to be improving it. "
-Ted Marmor, author of the Politics 0f Medicare

"The largest safety net for both seniors and disabled Americans is about to be further "privatized." In his new book, Shredding the Social Contract: The Privatization of Medicare, Dr. John Geyman reveals that Medicare is facing its destruction, unless we act now.

In this tour de force, Geyman reviews the historical context and efforts at privatizing Medicare over the last 30 years to reveal a destructive track record of private market-based involvement in Medicare, showing that private Medicare plans fail to offer greater access and choice, threaten continuity of care and fail at their most vaunted claims: greater benefits at a more efficient price.

As Congress debates how far to go with privatizing Medicare, a social contract larger than Social Security, Geyman sketches the dire consequences. Medicare is already engulfed by a for-profit industry bent on siphoning off large sums of money from patient care into bureaucratic waste and corporate profits.

In poll after poll, Americans support Medicare, Geyman reveals. Filled with charts and graphs detailing the hoax that is privatization, Shredding the Social Contract delivers a powerful alternative to meeting the growing strain of an aging population on the program.

Author bio

John Geyman is Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, WA. He has spent 25 years in academic family medicine.. He is President of Physicians for National Health Insurance, PNHP, and author of Falling Through the Safety Net: Americans Without Health Insurance, and most recently, The Corrosion of Medicine: Can The Profession Reclaim Its Moral Legacy?

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