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The Uses of Haiti 3rd Edition
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The Uses of Haiti 3rd Edition
With a new Epilogue by the author
by Paul Farmer Foreword by Jonathan Kozol
Introduction by Noam Chomsky

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Edition: 3rd, 480 pages
Dimensions: 5x7.62
2005 With a new foreword by Jonathan Kozol, an afterword by Larry Birns and a new epilogue by the author,
"What Happened in Haiti?"

"A classic..."
-Jonathan Kozol

"The Uses of Haiti tells the truth about uncomfortable matters-uncomfortable,
that is, for the structures of power and the doctrinal framework that protects them
from critical scrutiny. It tells the truth about what has been happening in Haiti, and
the U.S. role in its bitter fate."
-Noam Chomsky, from the introduction

Paul Farmer, a physician with two decades of experience in rural Haiti,
brings into stark relief the myriad forces that have long kept the
majority of Haitians poor, sick and silenced.

"Excellent . . . Farmer's passion challenges his fellow Americans, and
America's friends, not to remain indifferent to Haiti's agony."
-The Times Literary Supplement (London)

"Cuts to the chase . . . Farmer is at his best documenting the U.S. foreign policy
establishment's sad attempts at balance and objectivity: treating Aristide and the
murderous drug-running military as equal parties and insisting that Aristide 'compromise'."
-The Village Voice

Paul Farmer is a physician-anthropologist who has worked for 20 years in Haiti,
where he serves as medical director of a hospital serving the rural poor. Among his
books are AIDS and Accusation, winner of the Wellcome Medal of the
Royal Anthropological Society of Great Britain and Ireland; Infections and Inequalities,
winner of the Margaret Mead Award; and the forthcoming Pathologies of Power (University of California).
Farmer is also the editor of Women, Poverty and AIDS (Common Courage), which
was awarded the Eileen Basker Prize of the American Anthropological Association.
He is a Professor at Harvard Medical School, and founding director of Partners In Health,
which supports medical and public health projects in Latin America.

An Institute for Health and Social Justice Book

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