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Getting Haiti Right This Time
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Getting Haiti Right This Time
The U.S. and the Coup
by Noam Chomsky Paul Farmer Amy Goodman Jean-Bertrand Aristide

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Edition: Paperback, 192 pages

The title comes from a phrase by Ambassador James Dobbins, Special Envoy under Clinton 1994-96, and President Bush's special envoy to Afghanistan following the 911 attacks, talking on NPR 2/29/04...
"All too likely this cycle will be repeated in the future unless we get it right this time."

Did Aristide leave Haiti voluntarily? Why did the U.S. want him out? What does the regime change mean for the health of Haitians? Did Aristide "overstay his welcome," in the words of Vice President Dick Cheney, who never had a welcome in his own country to overstay? After 35 coups, what does the double entendre mean to get Haiti "right" this time?

From Noam Chomsky, author of the 500,000 copy cloth best seller, Hegemony and Survival, from Paul Farmer, subject of the New York Times Tracy Kidder biography Mountains Beyond Mountains, from Jean-Bertrand Aristide, president of Haiti and first lady Mildred Aristide, from Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman, come the answers the world has been waiting for.

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