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Ralph's Revolt
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Ralph's Revolt
The Case for Joining Nader's Rebellion
by Greg Bates

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"I will vote for Nader because Massachusetts [where I live] is a safe state. And voters in "safe states" should not vote for Kerry. ..."
-Howard Zinn*

Why is Ralph Nader so popular? Don't voters understand the obvious-he could throw another election! What's wrong with these people? What's wrong with Ralph?

Ralph's Revolt challenges the view that Nader has taken a wrong turn. Author Greg Bates looks behind the "blindingly clear" choice this election to debunk the truisms of our political landscape:

> A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush;
> We should hold off on a third party run until it's safer;
> Nader is an egomaniac;
> We can reform the Democratic Party from within;
> Kerry has to win-therefore that must be our singular focus;
> A Kerry presidency reduces the chance of a military draft;
> Kerry's shift right is pragmatic and a necessary evil in scary times;> Kerry will be more receptive than Bush to pressure from social movements.

Ralph's Revolt examines the cumulative impact of voting for the lesser evil: with each passing election, the Democratic Party has gotten more evil-and less powerful. Bates also exposes the damage done by the "Anybody But Bush" campaign.

But behind deep divisions over Nader's campaign is a shared fear that progressives everywhere can build on: the United States is moving relentlessly right. Ralph's Revolt is an impassioned argument that Nader's run and building a third party are critical to turning our country around.

* Zinn adds, "I don't have faith in Kerry changing, but with Kerry there is a possibility that a powerful social movement might change him. With Bush, no chance." Kerry and the power of social movements to influence him are discussed at length in this book.

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