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The Madness of King George
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The Madness of King George
The Ingenious Insanity of Our Most Misunderestimated President
by Michael K. Smith Matt Wuerker
Introduction by Terry Jones of Monty Python

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Edition: 7x9, 180 pages
With text and cartoons, author Michael K. Smith (Portraits of Empire) and cartoonist Matt Wuerker deliver a witty overview of the insane world of George W. Bush, along with a close up of the inmates at his White House Asylum--who run your country! A special introduction by Terry Jones puts Bush's foreign policy in context-as only this founding member of Monty Python could.

In The Madness of King George: The Ingenious Insanity of Our Most "Misunderestimated" President the authors ponder the burning question of the day- at times like these... what did we do to deserve a leader like this?

In attempting to answer that big question the book begins with a look at GW's "Timeline of Destiny"- and the arduous long road of silver spoons and golden handshakes that molded our 43rd President. Starting this long climb from his humble beginnings in Midland Texas ( by way of the Bush dynasty on Yale, Wall Street and Washington) it becomes clear why this President, above all others, would work so hard to dismantle the fundamental unfairness of affirmative action in America. Similarly it becomes clear how his stellar military background would lead us to the sort of victory we're securing with our war in Iraq.

In the chapter entitled "The Arsonists Running the Fire Department" Smith and Wuerker consider the cast of stalwart "Busheviks" this President has assembled to run the country - and the world. In looking into the backgrounds of this "Committee to Re-Select the President" it becomes clear how we've ended up with the brilliant policies that have turned our country around. After the years of economic boom, government surpluses, and peacetime it takes special people to get the country back on track and "restore integrity" to the White House. Those profiled include: -Dick Cheney -Donald Rumsfeld -Colin Powell -John Ashcroft -Paul Wolfowitz -Condoleeza Rice -Karl Rove among others.

Later chapters such as "Bushwhacking the Planet" and "General Ashcroft Goes to War" explore the post 9-11 policies that have turned global sympathy and good will toward the United States into the fear and loathing we now enjoy around the world- and in our own homes. From Bush's war on terrorism that bravely elevates shopping as an act of patriotism( "We shall meet them in the Malls, we shall meet them on the car lots, we shall not falter....) to Ashcroft's invasion of our most basic civil liberties ("in order to defend your liberties, we've substituted these nifty military tribunals for civilian courts") it becomes clear why we are feeling as safe as we are with our fate in the hands of the Bush Brain Trust. Ending with an essay titled "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Empires", Madness will keep you laughing, crying, and in speechless awe of George's genius.

The book also includes a big ( 2'x3') bonus poster/leaflet, "Bush/Cheney's 31 Greatest Accomplishments: 31 Reasons to Vote."

Author bios

Michael K. Smith, author of Portraits of Empire, Unmasking Imperial Illusions from the "American Century" to the "War on Terror" is a dissident historian from the San Francisco Bay Area. He has spent a number of years studying and working abroad, including stays in Mexico, revolutionary Nicaragua, and corporate Japan. He lives in Novato, CA

Matt Wuerker is a cartoonist whose cartoons appear widely throughout the alternative press and in mainstream newspapers from The Toronto Globe and Mail to the Washington Post. He lives in Washington, DC.

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