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Portraits of Empire
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Portraits of Empire
Unmasking Imperial Illusions from the "American Century" to the "War on Terror"
by Michael K. Smith

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Edition: paper, 400 pages
A dramatic re-enactment of historical episodes presented as a mosaic of snapshots. The focus is institutionalized injustice and rebellions against it. Five essays are interspersed with the vignettes. Vivid, full of revealing quotes from political elites and dissidents.


"A bold, provocative slash through the history of our country, a lively, uncompromising narrative which is a refreshing anecdote to the self-congratulation so often found in American writing about the United States."
--Howard Zinn.

"I've never seen a book put together quite like this . . . I can flip to ANY page and I will find something that is absolutely worth reading. . . something that's wonderful. It's an amazing book . . . it's so compelling . . . I think you did a marvelous job on it."
--Pat Thurston, KSRO Radio

"I got madder and madder while I was reading . . . what's going on right now with Ashcroft and Bush and Cheney . . . and Ridge and the F.B.I. . . the roots are all spelled out here."
--Kris Welch, KPFA Radio

". . . disturbing, funny, ironic, cruel and enlightening. I think it's brilliant. . . . check out this fantastic reference book!"
--Bob Banner, Hopedance Magazine

"Brilliant . . . fascinating . . . . amazing . . . . This man knows his history. . . . a marvelous, insightful book."
--France Senecal, KDVS Radio

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