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The New Military Humanism
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The New Military Humanism
Lessons From Kosovo
by Noam Chomsky

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Was the war over Kosovo really a multi-national effort waged solely for humanitarian reasons? Or was it the establishment of a new world order headed by self-proclaimed "enlightened states" with enough military might to ignore international law and world opinion? In this new book, begun after the NATO bombs started dropping in Yugoslavia and finished as the defeated Serbian forces were leaving the Kosovo province, Chomsky gives us an overview of that changing world order with "might makes right" as its foundation...

He warns us about what he sees as a new colonialism cloaked in moralistic righteousness:

Chomsky, who rarely does so, agrees in this book with Alexander Solzhenitsyn who pointed out that in Kosovo, "the aggressors have kicked aside the UN, opening a new era where might is right."

Chomsky also blasts the aggressors in the Kosovo conflict--European NATO countries and the US--for responding to the Serbian atrocities while intentionally ignoring equally egregious and lethal ethnic cleansings in Turkey, Iraq, and Israel...

Chomksy sheds light on how New Humanists are affecting East Timor, as well.


"The notion of "humanitarian war" ought to be mocked by those paid to keep the record straight. But it remains a propaganda success. Noam Chomsky, our greatest unraveller of accredited lies, addresses this in his powerful new book, The New Military Humanism: Lessons from Kosovo. The NATO action, he writes, "has ...[opened] gates to a ... new epoch of moral rectitude under the guiding hand of an 'idealistic New World bent on ending inhumanity."...The New Military Humanism, like the Third Way, is a euphemism for the rehabilitation of an imperialism that dares not speak its name." --John Pilger, New Statesman

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