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Dying For Growth
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Dying For Growth
Global Inequality and the Health of the Poor
by Edited by Alec Irwin Edited by Jim Yong Kim Edited by John Gershman Edited by Joyce V. Millen Foreword by Paul Farmer

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Edition: paper, 584 pages
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Myth: Throwing loans at developing nations will cure poverty.

Fact: As shown in "Sickness Amidst Recovery: Public Debt and Private Suffering in a Peruvian Shanty Town," loans can make things worse.

Myth: Getting rid of big government automatically improves the standard of living.

Fact: Cutting services can lead to calamity, as detailed in "Neoliberal Economic Policy, State Desertion and the Russian Health Crisis."

Myth: The free market is a panacea.

Fact: There's nothing liberating about modern capitalism, as demonstrated in "'Todo Bajo Control': The Costs of 'Free' Trade to Mexican Maquiladora Workers."


"Viewing the contemporary world from the perspective of health outcomes, this penetrating and often harrowing inquiry provides a wealth of valuble insights and analyses, woven together with in-depth studies that are poignant, vivid, and highly informative. It is a challenge to complacency, a thoughtful and compelling call to action." --Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy, Massachusettes Institute of Technology

"Thanks to the painstaking research, uncompromising analysis and compassionate advocacy of the Institute for Health and Social Justice, official and corporate actors of globalization will have no place to hide. Dying For Growth reveals in relentless detail the brutal health outcomes of their policies and provides proof positive that their vaunted 'concern for the poor' is a sham. A big, thorough, important book full of high caliber ammunition to be directed forthwith at the originators of limitless human suffering." Susan George, Associate Director of the Transnational Institute, author of A Fate Worse Than Debt and Faith and Credit

"Dying For Growth is a deeply intelligent, thoroughly researched analysis of global health and inequality at the end of the 20th Century. It is a book of passion and courage that does not simply make indignant claims, but rather provides solid evidence of a causal relationship between failures of the current development paradigm and worsening poverty and human suffering. Written by a team of experienced health practitioners, social scientists and development workers, the volume speaks from both the heart and the mind about the urgent need to prioritize social justice and universal health improvements. Dying For Growth is a 'must-read' for all citizens and activists commited to meaningful change, who believe that health is central to the dignity of the person." --James Orbinski, President, Mˇdecins Sans Fronti¸res (MSF) International Council, MSF was awarded the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize.

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