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Trouble with Dilbert
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Trouble with Dilbert
How Corporate Culture Gets the Last Laugh
by Foreword by Tom Tomorrow Norman Solomon

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Edition: paper, 101 pages
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Most readers assume DILBERT is on their side in a tough workaday world. But DILBERT is a fraud.

* Are you surprised that DILBERT's creator, Scott Adams, actually favors downsizing? * Are you suspicious when Xerox uses DILBERT in its employee handbook as an offbeat sugary coating to help the corporate medicine go down? * Are you tired of the sweeping portrayal of office workers as lazy idiots? Of the running gags that stay inside the moat of the corporate castle? * If you answered yes to any of the above, you'll find Norman Solomon's funny and brazen attack more refreshing than a trip to the water cooler.

The Ultimate DILBERT Survival Guide. The book that Scott Adams attacked even before it came off the press. This book has not been prepared, approved, or licensed by any entity that publishes the Dilbert works by Scott Adams.


"Norman Solomon brings us a book that doesn't just downsize Dilbert, it strips him bare and reveals him to be just another corporate shill." --Jim Hightower, author and talk show host

"Our new diseases of the mind consist in simulation, dissimulation, disinformation, and substitution. Norman Solomon diagnoses them all in one of the most popular characters of the working world: Dilbert. You thought Dilbert spoke for you? Read this book and find out who he's really speaking for. It should make us all stop and wonder who and what lives taped to our refrigerators." --Andrei Codrescu, NPR commentator

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