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Wizards of Media Oz
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Wizards of Media Oz
Behind the Curtain of Mainstream News
by Norman Solomon Jeff Cohen
Introduction by Studs Terkel

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Edition: paper, 292 pages
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"Fortunately for our sanity and self-respect, there have always been the muckrakers; those few who have challenged the official truth, who have obstinately sought out the hard truth.

"In Upton Sinclair's time, there were Lincoln Steffens and Ida Tarbell, among the contumacious trouble-makers. Further along came the indomitable George Seldes and his Lords of the Press as well as his wondrous newsletter, In Fact, that kept us from living in total darkness. And, of course, the north star of independent journalists, I.F. Stone and his revelatory weekly.

"Today we are blessed with a couple of young investigative journalists, Norman Solomon and Jeff Cohen, who along with their media watch colleagues at FAIR are letting in the light. In FAIR's magazine, EXTRA!, I am finding all the news that the Respectables find unfit to print. It is great therapy for me; it keeps my blood pressure down and my skull from going numb.

"Now, Solomon and Cohen have gathered some of their columns into a lovely compendium, undressing the 'liberal media.' They call it Wizards of Media Oz: Behind the Curtain of Mainstream News. It is an eye-opener. Don't leave home without it!" --From the introduction by Studs Terkel


"Cohen and Solomon are the sharpest media watchers in the business." --Barbara Ehrenreic

"Solomon and Cohen know media bias and blather like a rancher knows BS" --Jim Hightower

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