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Adventures in Medialand
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Adventures in Medialand
Behind the News, Beyond the Pundits
by Norman Solomon Jeff Cohen
Introduction by Molly Ivins

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Edition: paper, 259 pages
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The press's most serious failures are not its sins of commission, but its sins of omission--the stories we don't see, the stories that don't hold press conferences, the stories that don't come from "reliable sources".

Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon have attacked all this and more with energy, brio and the occasional display of a mordant sense of humor...Cohen and Solomon have solved the problem of "whose side are you on?" by being the side of the reader, the viewer, the Joe or the Annie out there making an honest living fixing cars or grooming poodles while trying to make sense of the public debate in their spare time. So dive in and enjoy some of the best press-bashing, honest sleuthing, news-consumer tips and happy hell-raising with the powers-that-be to be found anywhere. Way to go, guys. More, more!

--From the introduction by Molly Ivins


"When it comes to the news, force-fed to us through the media, corporately-owned, we know the cards are stacked. The corporate view is 'objective'; all else is 'propaganda.' This book of trenchant, irreverent columns helps us unstack the deck, and makes the game more fair. An essential work." --Studs Terkel

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